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Online Google translator. Additional features


This article is an overview of the online google translator.

One of the most convenient and modern online translators that does not require installation on a computer is Google translator . This service provides access to all Google machine translation technologies, including many languages.

In this article, we will show by examples how to use the Google Translate service to be able to perform online translation as simply and efficiently as possible.

Main features of the Google Online Translator :

  • Online translation of single words and texts of unlimited size;
  • A large collection of languages available for translation (65 at the time of publication);
  • Automatic language detection;
  • Virtual keyboard (especially important for all languages except English);
  • "Speaker" - a voice synthesizer for text (not all languages are supported);
  • Transliterator (automatic writing of the entered text in Latin);
  • Translating web pages;

Opening the online Google translator

To open the Google Translate application, click on the following link (opens in a new window):

Basic Features

The main function of the online Google Translate is to translate individual words and texts of unlimited size from one language to another.

1) Word translation

As an example, consider the translation of the word "translator" from English into USA.

Going to, you will see the standard interface of the Google Translate :


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