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Sixth generation Wi-Fi networks officially launched worldwide


A new generation Wi-Fi is now officially operating in the world, it is also the IEEE 802.11ax communication standard, but with a more adapted name Wi-Fi 6. The technology has received all the necessary registrations and certification. The new wireless format should in fact become faster than the previous version and support several times more bandwidth for one user in a crowded place.

To improve the technical parameters, 802.11ax has undergone many changes and the introduction of a number of technologies taken from the mobile communications industry, which are characterized by increased efficiency of connections and increased bandwidth. A lot of attention is paid to the latter in the rapidly developing modern world - according to some reports, in three years on average there will be about 50 devices with access to Wi-Fi in any house, for which good network bandwidth will be especially important.

Features of Wi-Fi 6

The new standard has received over 50 updated options. Among them, an increase in throughput of up to 40% while supporting multiple streams at the same time, better efficiency with a significant distance from the access point, a wider spectrum with multiple channels. In addition, Wi-Fi 6 is more efficient under heavy network loads.


Among other functions of the latest communication standard, there is support for MU-MIMO - with the help of this technology, the router copes better with receiving and sending multiple signals at the same time. Also, MU-MIMO enables the router to operate at 160 MHz. Wi-Fi 6 also has a modern WPA3 security protocol.

Certification & Compliance

Companies now have a Wi-Fi Certified 6 certification program launched by the largest association of manufacturers of computer and wireless devices, the Wi-Fi Alliance. The start of the program allows companies to mention the compatibility of their gadgets with the latest communication standard. All program members have the right to indicate that their products support next-generation Wi-Fi, and buyers will understand using a special icon on the package that the gadget is compatible with the IEEE 802.11ax standard.


Devices supporting the new Wi-Fi have already appeared. In addition to a number of router models, 6th generation networks are supported by representatives of premium smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Apple iPhone 11. In addition, Wi-Fi 6 support is expected in the yet to be announced Google Pixel 4.

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Author: Jake Pinkman