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Set up the connection between the computer and TV using Miracast technology


In 2012, the Wi-Fi Alliance officially recognized and certified Miracast, an unusual technology that allows you to stream video and music from a personal computer to a television receiver without using wired connections.

After evaluating the potential of the unofficially named HDMI Wi-Fi novelty, Intel and other consumer electronics manufacturers began to equip their products with modules that implement it.

Therefore, here's how to set up your computer and TV to synchronize the content displayed on their displays.

Positive and negative aspects

Dependent on the functioning of wireless networks, Miracast is configured with relatively complex actions, and is also not supported by some models of gadgets and families of operating systems. To comfortably watch online movies, you need to achieve a stable connection to a Wi-Fi channel with high bandwidth, and at low speeds the video sequence briefly lags behind the audio track. But the disadvantages are complemented by advantages, among which users appreciate:

  • Error-free transmission of write-protected content.
  • Maintains the quality of the broadcast video and sound.
  • The devices are not connected with wires.
  • Support for all popular media formats.

Setting up your TV and computer for HDMI wireless communication

If a Miracast adapter is inserted into the corresponding connector on the TV receiver, the device will sync with the computer. The user who performs it must open the main settings of the TV, select the menu of connected gadgets and specify the HDMI port. Now Mirakast is working, and broadcasting video and images to a large display becomes available after the correct connection of the technology in question.

Then the main TV options are opened, " parameters " are found and the item "Devices / Connected devices" is selected. If an external Miracast adapter is connected to the HDMI connector, click the " Add device " item, where the corresponding gadget is displayed. At the last stage, it needs to be activated in the list of connected devices.

Next, a computer running Windows 10 is configured (the minimum version is 8.1).

A properly connected Miracast adapter and the configured system on the TV will automatically start sharing the wireless network via the Wi-Fi module. On the panel of the personal computer, the icon of wireless connections is pressed and in the formed list a pre-selected network is activated, distributed by the TV or by the Mirakast module. Then the section " Settings " opens, the item " Devices " is selected and the item " Connected devices " is pressed.

In the window that opens, the TV detected by the system is indicated, and after synchronizing the devices, the picture displayed by the two displays will be the same. For a successful process, it is recommended that you download and install the latest versions of the Miracast Universal Drivers. If the used machine does not support HDMI Wi-Fi technology, the system will notify the user accordingly.

The Topic of Article: Set up the connection between the computer and TV using Miracast technology.
Author: Jake Pinkman