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Intel Optane drives or SSDs?


Intel is developing its product segment in every possible way and strives to create more efficient systems. Once a technology was invented that relies on caching a large amount of information.

The fact is that it is difficult for a hard disk to work with a large amount of information, with intensive use there is a heavy load on the mechanical parts of the HDD. Therefore, a technology was invented that provides "offloading" of the hard disk.

What is Intel Optane?

This is a technology that is designed to speed up your computer. Intel Optane was originally used to boot the operating system quickly, as the boot partition fits into the memory area of the device.

The 16 GB volume copes well with the task, and the cache data of frequently used programs is written to this memory area. If you often play games, use "gluttonous" applications, then Intel Optane memory will be periodically updated, which will lead to boot from the hard drive.

What are the Intel Optane requirements?

Intel Optane Technology requires a minimum of Core i3 for a home system. In addition, the small amount of memory does not ensure the proper operation of the device. All these features were noticed by users and therefore they were wary of this technology.

SSD technology has many advantages over Intel Optane. The SSD drive can be used as the master boot partition. Today, the storage capacity of SSD drives is not so small, so users increasingly prefer solid state hard drives over SSD technology.

Intel has decided to use SSD technology for Intel Optane. An SSD hard drive is used as the system partition, while Intel Optane takes over additional memory.

Who can benefit from Intel Optane?

This technology can be widely used both in conventional desktop systems and in laptops, as well as in all-in-ones. Intel Optane increased capacity was recently announced, reaching over 100GB.

Intel strives to make a kind of hybrid system with high information processing speed. But many users have appreciated the SSD technology and are actively using it for their home computer systems.

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Author: Jake Pinkman