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How to stream image to Android TV by Mirakast


Miracast is an application that allows you to establish a full-fledged wireless connection between devices. Since not all devices come with this feature, you should first check for it.

How to check if the broadcast function is available on Android 5.6 & 7

On Android versions 7 and 6, to check, you must open the display settings and visually check the presence of the item " Broadcast ".

In Android version 5, this item is called “ Wireless Display ”. If such an item is present, it must be activated - either by using the " On " button located next to it (on a pure " Android ", you must first click on the button with three dots).

For information on the availability of this function, see the wireless settings section. If wireless image transmission is possible, this section will have an icon titled "Transfer to Screen" or "Broadcast".

How to enable this feature

On TVs, this component is usually disabled by default. Enabling is done through the settings.

Samsung. Press the " Sourse " button on the remote control, activate the " Screen Mirroring " item in the window that opens.

Sony Bravia. Press the "Signal source" button on the remote control, then select " Screen mirroring ". TVs of this manufacturer allow you to activate the broadcast without specifying the signal source. In the settings, select the item "Home", the section " Settings " - " Network ". A window will open in which you need to activate the " Wi-Fi Direct " function. The source device must be switched on in advance.

  1. In the options under the Settings button, go to the Network category, select Miracast and switch the switch to On position.

For other models, the location of this feature and how to enable it may vary. Almost all modern models are capable of receiving broadcasts via Wi-Fi.

How to start image transfer on Android device

To start image transmission on your Android mobile device, just open the settings, go to the Screen section, the Broadcast subcategory. This can often be done through the Wireless Screen function. A list of available TVs will open, to select you need to click on the desired one. In some cases, the source device or TV may show an additional request to continue. The broadcast will start in a few seconds.

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