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4 Android features you'll want to get rid of


Android's truly powerful capabilities are the reason why the system continues to grow in popularity among mobile users. However, it also has a number of features that can cause irritation. Fortunately, getting rid of them takes five minutes.

Continuous sending of location data

Network features dramatically increase battery consumption. If, with minimal use of the device, you notice that the percentage of the charge is dropping before our eyes, the best solution is to disable unnecessary services. Locating can be extremely useful when traveling to an unfamiliar place, but you may not need it at home or work.

Go to the menu and find the sub-item " location ". It can be located in different places depending on the version of the operating system. There you can completely disable the location function or choose the optimal mode.

After that, the device will consume less power, but your safety will be at risk: if your smartphone is stolen, you will not be able to remotely determine where it is.

Auto screen off

When inactive, Android automatically turns off the screen to conserve battery power. This caring feature can be annoying when watching a video or reading, when you have to poke at the screen from time to time to keep it from going out. Yes, some apps (YouTube, eReaders) are smart enough to keep the screen on all the time, but not all.

  • If it is so important for you to keep the display on, go to its settings and set the maximum time before going into sleep mode. Now you will have to poke at the screen much less often.
  • The second solution to the problem is the Caffeine application. It can be used to prevent the display from turning off in certain applications.

But the most advanced option is the Smart Stay feature, which prevents the display from dimming while the owner is looking at it. In some smartphones (Samsung, Huawei) it can be embedded in the firmware and work by default. Those who do not have it will have to download the Smart Stay + app or any similar one.

This function works through the front camera, activating it at certain intervals, which can be set in the settings. The device will only turn off if the owner's face was not detected.

Unnecessary notifications

Gone are the days of KitKat, when Android notifications flashed in the status bar rather than popping up like hefty windows. Now, in the age of social networks and endless streams of information, Android wants you to know about everything immediately, and will not lag behind until it makes sure that you have watched at least a hundred pop-up windows in a day. Or until you stop him from sending them.

Fortunately, you can turn off unnecessary notifications. This is done through the application settings. You will have to spend 3-5 minutes to set the rights of each. After that, you can rest assured that if the smartphone has sent something, this is probably something important.

And the HeadsOff app takes you back to the KitKat days by forcibly turning heads-up notifications into short tickers that appear in the status bar.

Desktop cluttered with icons

One of the beauties of Android is that with this OS you can customize your desktop as you wish. If you do not want unnecessary icons to be there, you can delete them. But so that when you install new applications they do not appear again, you need to go to the Google Play settings and uncheck the "add icons" column.

However, this feature is no longer in the eighth version of Android. But you can choose the style of the device's working screen, in which application icons will be placed in a separate menu. The desktop itself will remain clean until you transfer the necessary programs and widgets to it yourself.

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Author: Jake Pinkman