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How do I find out which apps drain the battery the most on Android 8.0?


Not all Android smartphones have good battery life. If you notice that your device runs out of battery before the end of the day, apps running in the background may be causing the problem.

Even with the screen off, keeping them running takes quite a lot of resources. Finding resource-intensive apps can be challenging, especially if you have a lot of APKs installed. Here are some tips to help you identify the root of the problem.

Check your battery usage statistics

Android 8.0 has a set of stock tools for checking the battery load. Go to " Settings " - " Battery " - " Battery Usage ".


At the top of the list are the most resource-intensive applications. Battery usage is indicated as a percentage. Take a look at this section at the end of the day, when the battery level is near zero. It is normal if the top lines in the AO section are occupied by the screen, connection to the network and standby mode: these services are important for the correct operation of the smartphone, and they are almost always active. The apps with the highest percentages in the software section are the main reason why your smartphone's battery drains so quickly.

If you see apps that you haven't used during the day, or apps with an unusually high percentage, this may mean that the APK is malfunctioning and is using more power than it needs to.

Check running processes

To access this menu on the latest Android version, you need to enable developer mode. It is completely safe, it has nothing to do with getting root rights, and it will not affect the warranty service in any way.

Go to the section " System " - " About phone " and 6-7 times quickly click on the line " Build number ".


The system will ask you to enter a password, after that a small message “ You have become a developer! ” will appear at the bottom of the screen. In the section " System " at the very bottom there will be a new menu item " For Developers ". Go into it and find the tab " Running applications ".


There you will see which applications are currently accessing the device's RAM. Suspicious apps are those that run continuously for a long time and take up over 100 MB of RAM. Games, utilities and tools that you did not launch after restarting your device can also be considered suspicious.

Download Greenify App

Greenify is a free battery saver app for Android. In order for it to fully function, it requires root rights, however, even without them, its capabilities will still be sufficient to identify the problem. After installation and basic settings, click the "+" icon at the top or bottom to launch the system analyzer.


On the screen you will see a list of applications running in the background, as well as a list of those that can slow down the device.

What to do with resource-intensive applications?

After you find the culprit of the problems, the main question that will interest you is how to take it off. It is recommended that you update these apps on Google Play first, as updates may contain important fixes to reduce battery consumption. But if nothing has changed in the operation of the application after the update, it is better to uninstall it. Deleting an app will erase all user data associated with it: you will lose login settings, saved progress, etc.

If an application is very important to you, and you cannot find a correctly working analogue, you will have to go into the settings each time to manually stop it working in the background.

Follow your smartphone for the next few days. If the autonomy has not lasted, you will have to resort to at least: a complete reset of the device. A factory reset fixes most software and hardware errors, but removes all installed applications and media files.

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