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Why does Android restart by itself?


A frequently asked question by mobile users is why does Android randomly restart? This happened at least 1-2 times for everyone.

There are several facts to explain the problem. Let's explore them and see what we can do to make a successful solution.

Reason # 1: poor quality applications

In most cases, random reboots are caused by poor quality software. Try uninstalling the apps you recently downloaded. If the problems stopped, it was clearly in them. Use software from trusted developers only from the official Android store.

Some applications running in the background can also cause an accidental system restart. Follow these steps:

- Remove unnecessary APKs (especially those that change the appearance of the system, have widgets or access the GPS service);

- Make sure that all applications are up to date (you can quickly update the software through the Play Market: in the section "My applications and games" click "Update all");

- In the smartphone settings, find out which applications are running in the background and uninstall them (if you cannot uninstall, at least stop).

Reason # 2: system applications are disabled

If you've fiddled with the settings and took turns turning off services to see where this leads to, you've probably killed one of the important processes. After rebooting, it should resume working.

But just in case, review the list of disabled applications and launch any that may be required for the system to function properly.

Reasons # 3: Overheating

Many androids have an automatic shutdown if the device heats up to a critical level. In 30-degree heat, with active use, a smartphone or tablet can independently reboot and turn off. Leave it alone, let it sit in a cool place for 15-20 minutes. After that it should work normally.

Shutdown due to overheating should not occur on a regular basis. If the device is constantly overheating, take it to the dealer or manufacturer for diagnostics.

Reason # 4: poor battery contact

This happens most often with a removable battery. Usually the reason for poor contact is that the back cover of the device is bent and does not fix the battery in the desired position. A light tap returns the battery to its place, and then the device is turned on with the power button. Another reason may lie in damaged contacts: they wear out over time.

There are two ways to solve the problem.

- Cut a piece of electrical tape and stick it to the lid from the inside. The battery will press on more tightly.

- Carefully adjust the battery contacts with a screwdriver. Be sure to turn off your device before doing this.

Reason # 5: System files are damaged

Physical damage to the internal disk prevents the system from reading important files.

First, try resetting the settings, and all user data will be deleted. If this measure does not help, the device can be flashed, but if the drive is really damaged, sooner or later shutdowns and reboots will start again.

Reason # 6: Power button problem

It may have got debris, water, or just jammed. It happens that the power button is pressed under pressure in a pocket or bag, and then a healthy smartphone surprises its owner with an unexpected restart.

Reason # 7: some of the components is out of order

Damage to one of the internal components can lead to power failures and critical system errors. In both cases, shutdown and reboot are the consequences. In this case, only a specialist can make the correct diagnosis.

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