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How to reduce battery drain on Android device?


Nowadays, probably every person has a smartphone. With him we are always in touch with our relatives and friends. But there are times when the phone bursts out at the most inopportune moment.

Unfortunately, Android smartphones cannot boast of autonomy. The easiest way to keep your smartphone running is either a spare battery or using a power bank. This method is not the only one, let's look at other options for saving battery to continue the autonomous work of your android assistant.

Decrease screen brightness

The most voracious in a modern phone is the screen. By decreasing the brightness, you can extend the operation of your smartphone even several times. Turning off auto brightness will also improve battery life. Turning off the screen after inactivity will reduce battery consumption. By default, this mode is set from the factory for 1 minute. By reducing this value to 15 seconds, you will extend the life of your smartphone.

Disable GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth - by disabling these wireless processes, you can save power. Google uses GPS to determine its location. This option is very energy intensive. Using GPS turned on, charging may not last for a couple of hours. If you have applications that use location determination, adjust the geolocation accuracy. Higher accuracy will consume a lot of battery while lower accuracy will consume much less battery.

Why do you need vibration? Certainly no need

The following tip will also slightly increase the operating time of your device. Vibration - By turning it off, you can save some battery power. Vibration when writing SMS or texts is not so important, and by turning it off, you will reduce the frequency of starting the vibration motor, which will have a beneficial effect on the battery life of the smartphone.

But a smart watch you just need

Buy yourself a smart watch, this advice is unusual, but you can say (How does this help in saving battery power, because Bluetooth will always work?), but this solution has its own plus. It consists in the fact that to view push notifications or time, you will not need to unlock your smartphone. The screen, as we remember, consumes a lot of energy. Using Bluetooth all the time will drain the battery more.

Wallpapers only static

Use static wallpapers as they consume less power than live wallpapers. If you have an AMOLED display, set a black wallpaper. AMOLED technology completely turns off pixels when using black, while LCD monitors show black and supply power to the pixels.

And no syncs

And the last tip. Disable auto-sync. Leaving it only for those applications that need this function. Synchronizing all services, the smartphone accesses the Internet periodically every 10-15 minutes, depending on the setting, which will also drain the battery. Using these tips, you will extend the life of your smartphone by 30-50%.

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