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Why you shouldn't charge your smartphone all night


You've probably heard these tips: do not charge your mobile phone longer than necessary, do not charge it at night, otherwise it will explode.

The implications are exaggerated, but these tips still contain some truth.

Cell phones contain rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which recharge faster than conventional batteries. It usually takes a smartphone about two hours to charge to 100%. There is no point in leaving it on charge longer. But what happens if you do this?

Good things first.

You cannot charge your phone beyond the limit, so don't worry about prolonged charging causing the battery to explode. All modern smartphones have built-in security chips that will stop the current flow at the right time.

Now about the bad.

After the charging stops, the phone will start to gradually discharge, as it consumes energy for connecting to the Internet, the operation of the LED and other processes that go on in it continuously. As soon as the battery loses some of its charge, charging will resume. And this will go on all night. As a result, the phone's battery will heat up, and in the long term this will lead to a decrease in capacity.

To tell the truth, batteries are doomed to degradation from the very beginning. Their elements gradually disintegrate, and then the phone starts to hold a charge poorly.

This becomes especially noticeable a couple of years after purchasing the device. Leaving your phone on a charge overnight accelerates battery degradation and shortens battery life.

If you regularly put your phone on charge before bedtime, it turns out that it spends 3-4 months a year connected to the mains.

How to save battery capacity?

Don't wait for the phone to run to zero - a full charge will wear out the battery more than a partial charge.

When 35-40% remains in the phone, it can already be connected to charging. Remove the cover to prevent the phone from overheating. Charge your phone in a cool place if possible.

Battery degradation becomes noticeable after two years of using the device.

So don't worry about the battery if you buy a new smartphone every year or two. However, if you plan on using it for more than two years, try not to leave it charging overnight. This way the battery will last longer and you won't have to spend money on a new one.

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Author: Jake Pinkman