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How do I know if my iPhone is running slower?


Users often blame the slow operation of their smartphones on clogged memory and heavy applications: with each update they become more resource-intensive, and the old hardware no longer supports them.

This is logical, but recently it turned out that this is not the only problem. Since 2016, Apple has been deliberately slowing down the processors on older iPhones. According to the company itself, this is done in order to extend the life of those devices whose battery has degraded over time and does not hold a charge well.

Only the users themselves were not warned about this, and the situation began to look as if people were being forced to purchase a faster device. When the truth came to light, some were outraged enough to file class-action lawsuits against Apple. It is not yet clear whether they will be able to win the case, but we can already say for sure that due to the scandal, Apple will lose more than one billion dollars.

Has your iPhone slowed down? Let's find out.

View the Geekbench benchmark results.

It was through this application that the truth came out. Be sure to disable Power Saving Mode before proceeding with the test.

  • Download the Geekbench app from the App Store. It is paid, but inexpensive - only 75 rubles.
  • Run it and select CPU in the Select Benchmark tab.
  • Run the test (" Run benchmark ") and wait for it to finish. This usually takes about 10 minutes.

The application will display a four-digit number that represents the processor's performance. Compare it with the results of other people using the same smartphone model.

A 20-30 point difference is not significant, but if your smartphone is several hundred behind it is a sign that it is running significantly slower than it should. If during operation it did not receive serious physical damage, it is highly likely that it was artificially slowed down.

Check for battery-related notifications.

If something goes wrong with the battery, iOS sends a warning. You could accidentally miss it in the shutter, so go to the settings, select the "Battery" section and see if there is a message like "contact the service center to replace the battery." If not, the battery is fine.

Check the battery status.

Third-party iPhone apps won't help here: Starting with iOS 10, Apple has banned third-party developers from accessing battery data. However, there are two ways.

  • Take your smartphone to a service center. A series of specialized tests will be performed over it to provide accurate information on battery wear. If there is no Apple service center in your city, and you are driving to the nearest one, consider the second option.
  • Use the coconutBattery app for Mac. It is designed for MacBook batteries, but also works with connected iPhones. Connect iPhone to Mac, launch coconutBattery and select the "iOS device" option at the top of the window. If the actual battery capacity is less than 80% (that is, its wear exceeds 20%), this is a reason to think about replacing it.

What if your smartphone is really slower?

Suppose the Geekbench results are not satisfactory, the battery really degraded from old age, and Apple slowed down your iPhone on its own. The only way to return the device to its original performance is to contact a service center and ask for a battery replacement.

In the wake of global outrage, Apple is offering a whopping $ 50 discount on battery replacement for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone SE - $ 29instead of $ 79 as before. The offer applies only to the specified models and is valid until the end of 2018. Also in early 2018, Apple promises to release a new update for iOS, which will include the possibility of detailed battery testing.

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