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5 Android Developer Mode Options That Will Help Everyone


Developer mode is a hidden package of settings in the Android system. This is not root-rights, everyone can enable it (if desired, you can also disable it). This article will tell you how to activate this mode, and a little about what you can do in it.

Not everyone knows that the Android operating system has a hidden set of settings. It's called "For Developers" and is located in the "System" section. Despite the fact that these additional settings are mainly needed by software developers when testing applications, they can also be used by ordinary people.

How do I activate developer mode on Android?

Go to the section "About phone" ("Settings" - "System"). Several times quickly click on the line "Build number". A notification will appear at the bottom of the screen that you have become a developer. After that, in the "System" section you will have access to the "For Developers" menu.

When you enter it, the first thing that you will see is a switch with which you can activate and deactivate the specified settings. Next is a long list of options. We will only get to know the five most important.

What can you do in Android developer mode?

Specify fictitious location To use this option, you must have an application that allows you to hide geolocation data (for example, FakeGPS). After installing it, go to the developer menu and select it in the "Select app for mock locations" line.

This option is useful when you need to access a regionally blocked site or install an application that is not intended for download in your country of residence.

Select Hi-Fi Codecs

In Android Oreo, Google has added support for Hi-Fi audio codecs. When using a Bluetooth headset or speakers, the user has the ability to switch between codecs to improve sound quality. By default, the system is listed.

Force open apps in split screen mode

Multi-window mode has been officially supported by Android since the days of Nougat. However, some programs refuse to run in it. You can solve the problem by activating the "Resize in multi-window mode". After rebooting the smartphone, applications that were not initially displayed in the split-screen will be available. But it is not known how their interface will look and whether it will be convenient to use them.

Improve graphics quality in heavy games

A powerful smartphone becomes even more powerful with the "Enable 4x MSAA" option. As a result, you will get smoother rendering, but the additional load will affect the battery, and the autonomy of the device will be greatly reduced. Limit background apps.

Want even more performance?

Search for "Background process limit" and select the number of applications that will be allowed to run in the background - maximum four, minimum zero. If you specify the latter option, all applications will stop working as soon as you close.

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