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Speed ??up Windows by disabling display options


One effective way to speed up Windows is to disable features that make it aesthetically pleasing — visual effects and desktop wallpapers.

So, users of weak PCs or laptops can refuse visual effects shown by the operating system. To do this, use the Win + Pause keys to launch the system properties, click on the link for additional parameters, then access the performance parameters.

Windows performance

And remove all or some of the system effects.

Windows System Effects

You can further reduce the load on computer resources by disabling the desktop wallpaper. You need to go to the Windows personalization section and set the system background to black or some other discreet uniform color.

Windows color

These are optimizing settings for consistent use. But what if resource-intensive tasks with active consumption of computer resources are launched only occasionally? What if there is no need for the constant squalor of Windows external design?

For these purposes, the system has the ability to enable / disable display parameters. They are located in one place, and for temporal optimization it is much more convenient to use them, and not separately adjust the performance effects and the desktop background. What are these system settings and how do I access them?

In Win10, launch the Settings application, go to the Accessibility section, then to Other Settings . This is where the display parameters are located - animation playback and background display. To disable them, you need to switch the slider to the " Off ." Position, to enable them later - respectively, to the " On ."

Windows animation

After that, the desktop background will be painted in a uniform black color, and actions in the system will become sharp, rough, but fast.

Windows black desktop

The path to these settings and the principle of enabling / disabling them in Win8.1 is exactly the same as in Win10.

Windows disable effects

But in Win7 environment these settings are implemented differently. In the control panel, click " Accessibility ".

Windows Accessibility

Then - " Optimize the screen image ".

Windows Optimize the screen image

Here, to disable display parameters at the very bottom of the window, you need to check the boxes of two options - disable animation and remove the background image on the desktop. Then click the " Apply " button.

Windows disable animation and remove the background image on the desktop

To enable animation and return the wallpaper on the desktop, you must, respectively, do the opposite steps.

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Author: Jake Pinkman