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Turn on the ClearType effect


This article explains what the ClearType effect is and how to enable it.

ClearType is a special anti-aliasing effect developed by Microsoft. It is used to better display text on monitors (especially LCD).

On Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems, ClearType is enabled by default, so this article will show you how to enable this technology in Windows XP. Let's clarify right away why ClearType is disabled by default in Windows XP. This is due to the fact that Windows XP is already quite old (although without a doubt a very successful system), and ClearType technology requires additional computer resources for its work. At one time, the developers of Windows XP feared that additional effects and technologies to improve the quality of the picture could slow down the performance of older computers, and did not include some additional features (for example, ClearType) by default. However, the days of such old and low-powered computers are long gone. Enabling ClearType technology will help you transform text,

So, let's get down to business. It's very simple.

First, right-click on an empty space on the desktop and select " Properties " in the menu that appears. A window will appear (Fig. 1).

Fig.1 Display Properties. Themes tab Fig.1 Properties Display. Themes tab

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Author: Jake Pinkman