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How to change the display time of Windows notifications


Windows notifications are a relatively important feature of the operating system, and in the latest version 10 it is emphasized. From the notification area in the predecessor versions, this functionality "grew" into the notification center, similar to the one implemented in mobile operating systems.

And notifications in it are displayed much more often than when it was modestly called a realm in system versions 8.1, 7 (and older). In version 10, the system worries us even about the slightest trifling matter, such as the completion of the installation of some universal application from the Microsoft store. The activity of the center even made it necessary to implement in it the button for its own shutdown " Do not disturb ".

Again, similar to a similar solution on mobile devices. However, if you do not need to disable the Windows notification area or center, but, on the contrary, adjust the preset 5 seconds of displaying notifications towards a slightly longer time, this can be easily done in the system settings.

And then some of the notifications - for example, a summary of received emails, calendar reminders, summary of Windows Defender scan results, etc. - it will be possible to have time to view in the lower right corner of the screen immediately at the time of receipt of the notification.


In Windows 10, the duration of the notification display is configured in the Settings application. There you need to go to the section " Accessibility ", go down to the subsection " Other parameters " and open the drop-down list of the column " Show notifications for ". And in this list, choose the optimal time from among the options offered.

Windows options

In a Windows 8.1 environment, everything is exactly the same.

Windows 8.1 options

But in Windows 7 you need to work with the control panel settings. Go to the accessibility section.

Windows Accessibility

Opening the root of this section.

section root

Click on the link " Using a computer without a screen ".

Using a computer without a screen

And look almost at the very bottom of the window for a drop-down list of temporary options for displaying notifications in the system tray. After changing the value, click " Apply ".

System tray notification

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