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From 2020, WhatsApp will stop working on smartphones with outdated OS


From the very beginning of 2020, the popular app will no longer work on millions of devices worldwide. WhatsApp will be unavailable for a smartphone running an outdated version of the Android, Windows Mobile or iOS operating system. Owners of mobile gadgets with such OS will not be able to activate a valid messenger account or create a new account.

The messenger team explains their decision by the fact that outdated operating systems do not have the capabilities that are necessary for the full operation of the application. If you install WhatsApp on an old phone, the messenger will not be able to reveal all its functions. Service developers plan to further support smartphones with modern operating systems, while gradually starting to exclude outdated versions from service.

The WhatsApp administration has named the operating systems with which the messenger will no longer be compatible. Among them was iOS 8 (2014), installed on Apple gadgets, starting with the iPhone 4S. For owners of iPhones with this operating system, there is a simple solution: upgrade to iOS 9.


After the end of 2019, WhatsApp for a smartphone running Windows Phone will also be non-functional. A small number of gadget owners on this OS will not be able to create new profiles in the messenger and confirm existing ones. For owners of Android smartphones, WhatsApp support will end on January 1, 2020 for build 2.3.7 and earlier OS versions. On the official blog, the WhatsApp team warns that certain application options for these operating systems may not be available earlier.

Support for the messenger will continue on Android smartphones running OS 4.0.3 and higher. Also, WhatsApp will continue to work on iPhones starting with iOS 9 and later. So far, compatibility with the application is also preserved on devices with the KaiOS 2.5.1 operating system. Anyone who has gadgets with earlier versions of operating systems, the messenger team recommends updating the software.


The WhatsApp administration claims that the end of support for a number of operating systems will affect only a small part of users. According to the company, less than 1% of Android gadgets have an application on mobile devices with OS versions 2.3.3–2.3.7. In addition, it will no longer be possible to install whatsapp on a smartphone running Windows Phone - Microsoft stops supporting the proprietary operating system and, accordingly, the further release of gadgets under its control. According to WhatsApp, only 5% of users have iPhones older than version 10.

In turn, industry experts believe that the end of support for WhatsApp on a number of operating platforms will affect millions of people around the world. So, according to USA analysts, about 150 thousand users have smartphones running Windows Phone in USA. In general, the termination of the messenger on devices running a number of outdated operating systems will affect about two million USAs.

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