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WhatsApp desktop version will become more self-contained


The WhatsApp team is working on another update to the desktop version of the messenger, thanks to which WhatsApp will become a more independent application for computers. Desktop WhatsApp can be used without a smartphone.

The developers decided to create a more independent updated version of the messenger for PC, which will not be tied to a smartphone. According to some reports, this will become possible after the appearance of a new multi-platform system, which will become the basis of the application.

Currently, in order for the WhatsApp application in the desktop version to work fully, a working smartphone with an Internet connection is needed next to the computer to synchronize messages. If the phone loses its connection to the Internet, the desktop version of WhatsApp also stops working. From now on, WhatsApp decided to change such a system, correcting the principle of linking a PC and a smartphone. In addition to this, users will become owners of a single account that will work on both mobile and stationary devices. Users will be able to use the same account on a smartphone and a computer, while the principle of unity will remain for iOS and Android systems.


In addition to the changes to WhatsApp for the computer, the messenger will be supplemented with a number of innovations, including the ability to quickly edit multimedia files. Images can be changed while staying in the application. A new tool for previewing voice messages in toast notifications is also being tested.


The desktop version of the messenger appeared in 2015. Since then, downloading WhatsApp to your computer and then fully using it without a smartphone has been impossible, although this may change soon.

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Author: Jake Pinkman