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Overview of INTRUM CRM updates


Earlier we wrote about the Intrum CRM service, which is very convenient in our opinion, and now it has received a rather significant functional update.

What's new:

Intrum CRM rating expanded

Service developers have added new solutions and improved existing functionality. The available modification is:

  • Ability to select the interface language: USA, English or French.
  • A news feed that promptly informs system users about new events: changes in tasks, received / missed calls, letters, new comments. Here you can also select the events that will be displayed in the feed.
  • Instant access to recent conversations through the communication panel.
  • The data feed format has changed. An information feed has been added to the customer and deal card. Using it, you can study the history of calls, correspondence, sales and other moments of interaction with the client, view the included business processes.
  • Integration with Google Calendar and additional options for recurring reminders. Also, now the administrator can configure access rights to view employee calendars for management.
  • A note function has been added, allowing you to keep records in a convenient format.
  • The rating capabilities have been expanded. Allows you to evaluate employees not only by specified criteria, but also based on statistical data from the system.
  • An option has been added to track the movement of account transactions. Can be viewed by day and current accounts. Keep track of receipts and expense transactions.
  • A deferred payment function is available if you forgot or were unable to replenish your account on time.
  • It is now possible to completely remove filtered data from the system.
  • You can brand CRM for your company.
  • Change the names of the base modules.
  • Group editing of fields is available.
  • And the ability to create ready-made responses for external dialogs with clients. That is, for frequently repeated questions, but not as a substitute for live communication.

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Author: Jake Pinkman