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Google is shutting down the Inbox email platform


Google has officially announced the closure of the Inbox mail platform on its blog. The service, which served as an experimental platform for options that were subsequently implemented in another mailer, Gmail, will completely stop working in the spring of 2019.

The company's information says that the service will soon become unavailable on all devices, and its mobile applications for Android, iOS, etc. systems will cease to function. APIs used by third-party developers, for example, for the Mac operating system, will also be disabled.

The Inbox application appeared in 2014. The platform offered a unique solution for working with letters. Mailbox (later acquired by Dropbox) was taken as the basis for the innovative email interface. Inbox emails were displayed as task cards, which could be parsed using horizontal swipes. The service also provided for the ability to synchronize with the Gmail mailer.

By the way, two platforms: Inbox and Gmail differ not only in design, but also in functionality. Over the course of several years, the Inbox mailer has received a number of convenient tools, for example, users of the service were given the opportunity to uniquely sort letters. The Snooze option helped to postpone reading for another time, while all incoming correspondence remained at hand. The tool of reminders among busy people became very popular, which helped to quickly carry out planning. At the same time, the Assists option made it possible to attach additional information to a specific letter: contacts, opening hours of companies, aircraft check-in time, etc.

In April of this year, the Gmail mail service received a major update over the last period. The platform has acquired a new design, while some of the functionality and new features have been added from the Inbox project. These included temporary postponement of correspondence, posting of letters, groups, operational "smart" replies for incoming messages, reminders, and actions when you hover the pointer over a specific letter. Most of the new tools in Gmail now work the same way as in Inbox.

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Author: Jake Pinkman