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Overview of INTRUM service capabilities using the example of a tourist equipment store


CRM systems are no longer new. They are actively used in various fields of business from travel services to the installation of air conditioners, for example. But still not everyone knows what this program is, how to use it and what can be done with it. First things first.

Nikita and his shop

Nikita is a professional climber and an avid traveler and he has a small shop selling equipment and goods for tourism and extreme sports. About a year ago, Nikita started using the INTRUM cloud service.

There was no doubt about taking - not taking. There was just a problem, and a quick solution was needed, since I am constantly on the move and not always in the access zone, and business requires a presence, there were always some overlaps. The service was advised by an employee, at the previous place of work he had already dealt with such programs. Everything was quickly organized together.

Things are going uphill

First , we solved the problem taking into account our customers, we created a personal profile for each, where absolutely everything is now stored: written requests, calls, reminders, purchases, size of clothes, shoes, favorite brands, individual characteristics and preferences.

For example, one of our clients has back problems, we try to take this factor into account and select the most comfortable equipment. Of course, it is impossible to keep all these nuances in your head and the program helps a lot with this.

Second , if earlier marketing was done from time to time, now it is easier with this. We set up a newsletter to clients by email or sms every two weeks about promotions, discounts and new travel ideas. We have recently mastered targeted advertising using a retargeting application, attracting new buyers.

Third , no reporting problem. I can log in to the system at any time and set up a full report, for example, by revenue per day, week or several months in the form of a graph, diagram. I can see statistics on the parameters of interest: sales by stage, customer readiness to buy, sales / refusals, etc.

Photo reports on your desktop

Accounts in 2 clicks

It has become more convenient to maintain financial statements: there is integration with online cash registers 54-FZ. A customer invoice can be generated automatically from their profile or order.


It is just as easy to form contracts and other documents. At first, we tinkered a little with the creation of document templates, with setting up the fields, but now the system fills them in on its own. Just click "Create" and data from the client's profile (name, details, etc.) are inserted automatically.

Workflow, no whips

Finally, we managed to organize a full-fledged workflow. Now, even if I'm not there, everyone clearly knows their tasks, I distribute them at the beginning of each week.


I keep track of how well they are being performed, whether employees are coping with the load or not. Periodically, I keep track of who came in at what time and how many hours they worked, so as not to relax.

If you need to discuss a question or solve a problem, we use the internal chat, even when everyone is in the field. This is more comfortable. There is no need to shout or run to each other every time to give an assignment or to clarify something. Of course, when there is an opportunity, we get together for live communication, but more often we use the Intranet, so it's faster.

Don't lose clients

Set up CRM integration with our site and feedback forms for communicating with clients: callback, chat, online consultant.


Another thing I like is the presence of a calendar, completely replaces the paper organizer with which I am not friends. Now there are no problems with reminders.

Photo Calendar

In general, there are many different functions in INTRUM that we haven’t gotten around to yet, but I think over time we will master something else useful.

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Author: Jake Pinkman