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Samsung is phasing out proprietary cloud service


Samsung plans to deactivate its proprietary Samsung Cloud. Originally created for the owners of South Korean brand gadgets, the Samsung cloud allowed them to place their personal files and data backups from other gadgets in it. As an alternative, the company offers all users of the branded service an automatic transition to OneCloud, Microsoft's cloud solution, and this once again confirms the further establishment of partnerships between the two companies.

In terms of its functions, Samsung-cloud has a lot in common with the iCloud platform. The service of the South Korean manufacturer allows you to place not only personal files, photos and videos, but also facilitates, if necessary, a quick transition of the user to another device. In this case, all data from the old gadget is automatically transferred to the new one. To do this, Samsung Cloud provides the ability to store backup copies of information from a smartphone, including an address book, a list of applications, menu settings, etc. All this also allows you to restore the settings of a mobile gadget in case of a reset.

For owners of branded gadgets of the South Korean company, who are also users of Samsung Cloud, the transition to OneDrive is offered as a non-alternative option. The exact timing of when the Samsung service will make the final move to the Microsof cloud has not yet been announced. The countries where the transition from Samsung Cloud will be made in the first place is also unknown. Today, only users of the service from South Korea have the option of switching to OneDrive. While they can decide for themselves whether to stay in the Samsung cloud or not, they cannot return to Samsung Cloud if they switch.

Later, such a transition for users in all countries will be carried out automatically, but there will be no fundamental changes in the use of the new cloud service for them. For "displaced persons" from the Samsung cloud on OneDrive, the option of storing personal information and backup settings of smartphones will also be available. When moving from one cloud to another, all data will be transferred automatically.


At the same time, the Samsung cloud restricts the creation of backup copies of applications, games and programs, the developer of which is not a South Korean company. This solution has been in effect since the beginning of 2018, and until that moment, users on their smartphones and tablets could save copies of software from any third-party manufacturers. Thus, for the past two years, Samsung Cloud has allowed to store copies of only Samsung branded applications, and all backups of other software have been removed from storage. However, due to the closure of its own cloud and the transfer of users to another cloud, Samsung may remove this restriction.

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Author: Jake Pinkman