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Five technologies that will change business in the near future


Until recently, businesses started to build "the old fashioned way": they bought parts from other continents, sent a courier, paid consulting companies for analytics. Then it was normal, but now there are solutions that simplify and reduce the cost of all stages of work.

The first technology is 3D printing


To create, for example, a corny figure in the traditional way, you have to perform several processes: cast, polish, paint ... the 3D printer canceled these steps and prints the finished figure at a time, "building up" Its layer by layer, based on three-dimensional model.

Printing also changes the delivery system of goods: if it is possible to order a part at the nearest 3D printing center, then most will do so, and will not send the order to a manufacturer who delivers them from another mainland. The details will be ready not in a month, but in a day, which means that the goods will appear on store shelves faster.

The second technology is drones

They speed up delivery and help with repairs


The drone will deliver groceries from the store in half an hour, and in the future they will replace traditional transportation methods: courier, truck, train. This is a plus for companies - they will reduce costs and become more attractive to the consumer. Drones are also good at repair services, especially where it is difficult for a person to get to or where it is dangerous. They help in the gas and oil industry: instead of a helicopter, they examine fields, they are able to repair a pipeline or a well.

The third technology is artificial intelligence

He will replace a person in tasks where accuracy and speed of calculations is needed


The likelihood that artificial intelligence will look the same as it is shown in the films - in the form of a superbot who knows the answers to all questions is extremely small. In fact, these will be complex algorithms capable of processing huge amounts of information - it will be comparable in power to a human one, and then surpass it. And appearance is not important.

For the first time, artificial intelligence appeared in 2009 and soon this technology may well become generally available. The accountant will no longer make mistakes in the reports, and the computer will manage the bank accounts.

Robots will be the best workers in the service industry

Probably, every company owner dreams of a universal employee who will never demand a salary increase. Such an employee is a robot. In the future, they will "punch" the goods at the checkout, help with the choice of a smartphone and meet at the hotel entrance. Everyone will be happy: people who will be well served and companies who will save on employees.

The fourth technology is cloud service

They will reduce costs and improve working conditions


Cloud server - "cloud" is an online storage in which data is stored on numerous servers distributed over the network, and not on their own, which belong to the company. From the client's point of view, the "cloud" is one large virtual server, and its physical components are located in different places, including on different continents. To access them, you only need the Internet, and taking care of the location and intricacies of server administration is no longer the task of the company, but of the provider of such a service.

In fact, the modern Internet runs on cloud services. Various document filing applications and services such as Dropbox are gaining more and more popularity. First of all, "clouds" will benefit small companies that have to save money - they do not need to pay for renting servers or buy them, there is an opportunity to use free money for development. Technology helps and if you need to urgently get access to documents, you can edit the report even in a traffic jam on the way home.

Modern business should use modern technologies that make life easier for it. Instead of constantly spending money the old-fashioned way, invest in gadgets and solutions that change the way you communicate with customers, speed up work and save money.

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Author: Jake Pinkman