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Yandex now has a self-guided delivery robot


Yandex now has its own “smart” robot, which acts as an autonomous delivery of small loads. Now a six-wheeled vehicle called Yandex.rover, similar to a mini-lunar rover, is undergoing the necessary tests.

According to the developers, the delivery robot can move around the city at the average speed of a walking person, without interfering with other pedestrians and without interfering with movement. While the tests are underway, Yandex.rovers are demonstrating their abilities, transporting documents from the company's office to the stop of official transport. Although its capabilities are not limited to this, according to Yandex, the robot can perform the work of a courier, delivering ordered food or small goods to the desired addressee.

For maneuvering on city streets and sidewalks, the "smart" robot is equipped with various cameras and sensors, and at the top it has an optical system, with the help of which the Yandex "lunar rover" recognizes and avoids obstacles, and also navigates in the dark. Autonomous "Yandex.rover" is able to independently plan a route to a destination and, according to the developers, is not devoid of upbringing, allowing people and animals on the road.


Initially, the unmanned robot was designed as a completely independent vehicle for the delivery of small-sized cargo. However, during the test phase, all Rovers are controlled by operators from a distance. The development of the robot used previous technologies that the company used in its self-driving cars. The existing software has been optimized for a new class of tasks, and in this regard, Yandex.rover cannot be called development from scratch.

In the future, autonomous robots on six wheels can harmoniously integrate into the entire ecosystem of Yandex. Rovers can partially, and in some cases, completely replace the couriers of the Yandex.eda service. In addition, robots can work on the delivery of products from the nearest store through or goods from the Beru online store. As an additional use case, the devices can be used in warehouse logistics, and Yandex is also considering the possibility of using robots by other companies.

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Author: Jake Pinkman