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Google creates personalized search cards for each user


Google plans to supplement its proprietary Google search with a tool that will help structure thematic user queries. The new option will appear in the search engine in the form of activity cards that are linked to your personal Google account.

Search queries will be formed in the cards from personal user history, divided by subject. When forming a query at the top of the search page, the user will be able to see the results of previous queries on this issue. The company announced the launch of the option back in 2018, its appearance is part of a number of innovations within the framework of the 20th anniversary of Google.

From now on, if the user wants to enter data into the search bar, google search will generate information about the results of previous similar queries, which will become available at the top of the search results. In order to view the history of their actions on a topic of interest, the user just needs to open the "Related Activity" tab. Google believes that in this way it will be more convenient for the user to continue researching the issue exactly where the work ended last time.


Personal activity cards are formed in various areas, be it sports, cooking, finance, travel, languages, films, and more. At the same time, the new function of the search engine is not active by default, if desired, the user can turn it off. You can also make your own edits to the activity card, edit and delete requests.

Additionally, the user will have access to the generated collections from the previously visited Internet pages. You can see the collection either using the bar at the bottom of the Google application or through the top menu of the search page. To date, activity cards have been supplemented only by mobile google and the English-language search engine application. The large-scale rollout of the new feature is yet to come.


Besides cards, Google has other tools for thematic distribution of information. So, in 2017, Google search was supplemented by a smart news feed Google Feed, which was formed based on the preferences of a particular user. The search engine focuses on user queries and thus fills the news feed. At the same time, events of global importance and important news of the region in which the user lives are included in the Google Feed materials.

Google Feed allows you to subscribe to a certain material or news to constantly track changes in an event and quickly receive fresh updates in the feed. With the help of the smart tape, it became possible, for example, to keep abreast of the latest results of sports competitions, monitor high-profile incidents, etc. At the time of the launch of the smart feed, Google promised to objectively form news from different points of view and mark trusted sources. In the future, the company intends to name the feed Discover and add new features to it.

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Author: Jake Pinkman