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Headphones suitable for DJs and music lovers


The market now offers a ton of headphone models for everyday use. It is not easy for an ordinary user to make a choice. It is even more difficult for a professional to decide, because he needs a light, full-size accessory with a large driver and a neutral sound character. Here one of the latest models from AKG can come to the rescue. It is wireless and has high sensitivity. This will suit both beginners and professionals.

Almost standard appearance

The AKG K361-BT headphones differ in design from studio gadgets, which have been produced by a company from Austria for a long time. Their headband does not have steel bows, and instead of large round speaker cups, oval trays are installed. The accessory is compact and laconic. This allows it to be folded into, for example, an outer garment pocket.


Model K361-BT received an unusual design feature: the hinges for attaching the cups to the steel headband are able to rotate freely. This allows the device to be comfortably placed on the head, contributes to a snug fit for ears of any anatomical shape.


In addition, there is a possibility of mechanical adjustment of the headband in length. Its exterior (as well as the speaker enclosure) is made of matte plastic. The ear cushions are filled with memory foam and are covered with eco-leather on the outside.

It is worth noting the low weight of the structure, only 250 grams. This is almost a record for this class.

The set of headphones includes two interchangeable cables (120 and 300 cm), a cloth bag for carrying, and an adapter for a 6.3 mm jack.

Internal content

Headphones sit comfortably on your head. The use of the hinged supports of the cups allows you to wrap your ears tightly, cut off extraneous sounds and noises. They even counted their number - 18 dB.

At the same time, even during prolonged wearing of the accessory, no squeezing is felt. The inconvenience is increased sweating in the heat, but physiological characteristics of some users may predispose to this.

The novelty has received a classic dynamic head with a neodymium magnet, protected from mechanical damage by a nylon mesh and fabric of replaceable ear pads.

Practicality is added by the presence of a unified 2.5 mm input for connecting a removable cable.


Professionals will love the high sensitivity of 32 Ohm monitors. The manufacturer recommends using a 100 mW per channel amplifier. This will allow you to fully learn all the capabilities of the device.

Natural sounding

To unleash the potential of AKG K361-BT, it is necessary to use more than digitalization of hard rock and alternatives. Those who have conducted tests note that the sound of the device remains accurate and sharp in any genre of music. First, there is a feeling of insufficient midrange. It is formed due to the width of the spectrum and high detail of the lows.

For listening, it is better to use high quality recordings in uncompressed formats. Then the effect will be maximum.

You can clearly hear the clicks of the processors, the movement of the slider along the strings and the breathing of the soloists. This is especially noticeable on the recordings of works from the end of the last century. To the average user, it may seem that the accessory produces boring audio, characterized by dryness and overload of details.

Professionals will appreciate the dry presentation and lack of emphasis on a specific frequency range. This allows you to find dips or overloads by level while listening.

Wireless operation

The AKG K361-BT left cup has a mechanical switch to switch them to wireless mode using the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. Several modern profiles are supported.

The most commonly used SBC and AAC codecs are available. Experts note that in terms of the maximum sound pressure level and the volume reserve, the headphones are one of the most powerful wireless models. Here the peak SPL is 110 dB.

This allows modern digitized music to be heard at 50-60% volume. In crowded and noisy places, this may take 70%.

The level of detail is softened to ensure that the compressed audio stream is delivered accurately. This contributes to getting a good sound. The wireless bass is not punchy, but it should be enough for listening to even very active songs.


The playback control process is interesting. The decorative logo on the left hinge is a touch pad. Double-tap to easily manage calls or playback. Vertical wires help to change the volume, and horizontal wires change tracks.

It is important to understand that AKG K361-BT is devoid of noise reduction systems. Therefore, it is necessary to select quiet places for telephone conversations. Otherwise, the appearance of discomfort due to extraneous noise is possible.

The autonomy of the device is one day. It takes about two hours to complete a full charge cycle. Here you can use any ampere adapter that is at hand.


AKG K361-BT wireless headphones are suitable for those who are looking for a budget model of such a device. They can be recommended not only for ordinary users, but also for novice sound engineers and musicians.

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Author: Jake Pinkman