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DALI iO-6: another product from a recognized authority in the acoustic world


There are not so many European companies now that have the same market position as Danish DALI. Its Hi-Fi acoustics are among the best in the world. Not so long ago, the company decided to try its hand at developing wireless headphones. Why not? The company possesses the technological potential, has a wealth of engineering experience and an understanding of quality sound. The first experience of the company was embodied in the models, which will be discussed below.

Almost acoustic system

Headphones work in the same way as speakers, converting electrical vibrations into mechanical vibrations, which are then transmitted through the air. The scale of functioning is another matter. Here it is completely different.

Loudspeaker systems cover large areas, move significant volumes of air and absorb considerable electrical power. Headphones work a little differently, so manufacturers often focus on one thing.

The Danes decided to experiment and released two models at once - DALI iO-4 and DALI iO-6.


The first is distinguished by the absence of an ANC system. But it is cheaper and more autonomous.

General equipment

The Danes first studied the experience of other manufacturers and found that most of them use polymer diaphragms in their drivers. However, this material tends to produce a lower sound quality and therefore DALI engineers decided to try cellulose instead.

The new diaphragms have a diameter of 50 mm. They are made using a special technology that gave the product the required rigidity while maintaining a low weight.

The drivers were also equipped with rubber mounts to improve the resistance at high sound loads. The rubber compensates for any deformations, which allows the diaphragm to not change its shape. The result is less distortion in audio transmission.

It is also worth noting the presence of neodymium magnets, which are more efficient in comparison with other systems.

Interesting construction

Both versions of the headphones are available in two colors: Iron Black (black cast iron) and Caramel White (white caramel). Includes a denim-lined pouch.

The design of the headband is unusual. It is two-part. The interior has a soft rubber finish that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Plastic overlays are installed on the inside. This allows you to maintain the shape of the rocker without undue stress on the user's head and ears.

The outer part of the headband and ear cushions are finished in artificial leather.

The speakers got the ability to rotate 3600 in the vertical plane, but they do not fold inside the headband. This increases the strength and reliability of the structure.


The developers made the accessory bodies double. This allows them to fit better and eliminates the possibility of background noise.

The DALI iO-6 is controlled by clicking on the central area of the enclosures. Also involved in this process is the encircling ring located around these areas. There are no symbols here, you need to study the pictogram on the sticker, which explains the control procedure.

There are two buttons on the side of the right earpiece. One small one to help turn on the noise cancellation system, and another long one to manage power and pairing mode.


It is gratifying that the DALI iO-6 accessory is IP53-rated against moisture and dust.

Sound quality

Interestingly, the best sound is achieved with a Bluetooth connection. This is facilitated by a good match between the amplifier and the entire electronic circuit with the driver. When using a wired analog connection, the feeling is only confirmed, the sound becomes more strict and neutral.

When using the SBC codec via Bluetooth, the sound becomes softer and more transparent. High-frequency sounds seem to fade into the background.

DALI iO-6 works best with the aptX HD codec. The sound becomes richer and cleaner. If you do not know about using the wireless interface, you may get the impression that decent high-end wired devices work.

The bass here is clear and dense. This begs the comparison with lean muscles of a bodybuilder. Percussion sounds brisk, high frequencies give out sparks, but without too much harshness. The energy of sound is especially interesting in hard rock recordings. When playing ordinary, light compositions, relaxation is felt, the level of perception increases.


All other musical genres are going as they should. It is important that headphones are able to convey the whole essence of sound, its main advantages in a particular genre.


DALI speakers are valued for their sound quality. In the case of DALI iO-6, it is at a high level, which is understandable. The company has once again proved that its specialists are talented in everything.

The headphones have a 30-hour battery life. This allows you to use the gadget for at least two days without recharging. It works best with Qualcomm's aptX HD codec. This technology is often used now, so there will be no problems finding a decent sound source.

It's bad that there is no NFC module and a mobile application, but it's a matter of time. Most likely, in the next models of the Danish company all this will be.

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Author: Jake Pinkman