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Sony Stole Director from Scarface Remake

Image No sooner had the cinema fans come to their senses from the news that Ben Affleck had resigned as director of the solo album Batman , as another high-profile Hollywood film project was left without a director. According to The Hollywood Reporter , Antoine Fuqua has refused to participate in the remake of Scarfaces .

Universal Pictures decided to film a new version of Scarfaces back in 2011. At first, David Yates was considered the main contender for the director's chair, then the studio bosses began to look closely at the candidacy of Pablo Larrain, and in the end their choice settled on Fukua . Antoine received an invitation to close a deal with Universal last August, and a month later, Oscar nominee Terence Winter began working on the remake script. ("The wolf of Wall Street").

Winter quickly tweaked the previous version of the text, so the studio decided to launch the film into production this spring. However, she did not take into account that for the first half of the year, Fukua was scheduled to shoot the sequel to the action movie The Great Equalizer. As a result, the director had to make a difficult choice between the projects Universal and Sony . After weighing all the pros and cons, Antoine chose to go to the set of "The Great Equalizer 2."


Last September, we reported that the new Scarfaces could be set in Los Angeles, with a Latin American as the centerpiece of the story. Today, Hollywood insiders not only confirmed this information, but also reported that Universal has already decided on the name of the leading actor. The star of the crime thriller will be the Mexican Diego Luna , who received many compliments this winter for his work on the image of Cassian Andor in the blockbuster Rogue One. Star Wars: Stories ".


Recall that the film studio Universal will be the third version of " Scarfaces ". The original gangster drama of Howard Hawks and Richard Rosson was released in 1932, and in 1983 Brian de Palma presented its first remake to the public.

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