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Scarfaces Remake is in good hands

Image The management of the studio Universal has taken another step towards realizing a long-standing dream of making a remake of the cult film " Scarface ". Last month, Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) received an offer to take the director's chair, and now Variety reports that the project has found a new writer in the person of Terence Winter .

Winter is familiar with the crime drama genre through his work on television. The career of Terence in the world of big cinema is also developing successfully: in 2014 he received a nomination for an Oscar for his script for the film The Wolf of Wall Street.

Work on a new version of " Scarfaces " started five years ago. Winter is reportedly to be tweaked to the latest version of the script, written by Jonathan Herman. Since we are not talking about a complete rework of the text, it can be assumed that the bosses of Universal are satisfied with the main plot of the remake. Earlier it was reported that its action will unfold in Los Angeles, and the main character of the story will be a native of Mexico.


The upcoming film will be the third version of Scarfaces . The original tape was released in 1932. The protagonist of Howard Hawks and Richard Rosson's gangster film was the Italian immigrant Tony Camonte , who began his ascent in the underworld of Chicago. In 1983, a picture by Brian de Palma was released, which managed to refute the opinion that remakes are always inferior to the original in quality. The story of the adventures of the Cuban criminal Tony Montana in sunny Miami received conflicting reviews from critics, but over the years it has become a true classic of the genre.


This month gave Winter two high-profile projects at once: last week we reported that Terence agreed to write a script for a biographical drama about the legendary artist Andy Warhol.

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Author: Jake Pinkman