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The Coens will polish the new Scarface

Image At the end of January, we reported that the remake of " Scarfaces " has lost its director - Antoine Fuqua chose to work on the sequel to "The Great Equalizer". However, Universal studio continues to actively develop the project - the major managed to set a release date for the film, and also found new writers for it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , Joel and Ethan Coens have been working on the final revisions of the remake, which will premiere on August 10, 2018. . Before the brothers, a lot of authors with impressive resumes managed to work on the script for the film - David Eyre, Paul Attanasio, Jonathan Herman, and the last was Terence Winter.

Earlier it was reported that the action of the new version of the classic story, first presented on the big screens back in 1932, will unfold in Los Angeles, and the central character will be a Mexican immigrant, whose role went to Diego Luna.

The journalists managed to get the first information about who could replace Fukua . According to insiders, David McKenzie and Peter Berg are the main contenders for the director's chair at the moment. Both are in talks with the studio, and choosing either of them opens up interesting prospects for Scarface .


So, Berg has already collaborated with Universal on "Sea Battle" and "Survivor". After that, the director switched to television, and last year he returned to the world of cinema with the drama "Deep Sea Horizon". She, of course, did not perform very well at the box office, earning $ 118.2 million with a budget of $ 110 million , but she received positive reviews. The last work of Berg , the painting "Patriot Day", was also warmly received.


As for David McKenzie , he already applied for the post of director of Scarfaces last summer, but then the major preferred the more famous Antoine Fuqua . It was during this summer that McKenzie produced the Western At Any Cost, and, curiously, one of its producers was Peter Berg . The tape eventually received three nominations for Golden Globe and four for Oscars .

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Author: Jake Pinkman