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Scarface Suicide

Image When news of the Scarfaces remake last appeared in the press, David Mackenzie and Peter Berg were considered the main contenders for the director's post. As Deadline found out, Universal is now looking at another filmmaker.

Negotiations with the major, according to the source, are being conducted by the director of Suicide Squad David Eyre . It is not the first time for him to work with material - back in 2011, when the remake of the cult picture was just beginning its journey, Eyr managed to contribute to the creation of the script. But then the director's track record included the not-so-famous "Tough Times" and "Street Kings", and now, when Eyra has a very successful, albeit not kindly critics, Suicide Squad " , he has become one of the most sought-after directors in Hollywood.

Joel and Ethan Coens were the last to write the script for the new Scarfaces , and Diego Luna will play the main role in the film. The film is set to premiere in the United States on August 10 next year.


Currently David Eyre is engaged in post-production of the fantasy action movie Brightness for the online service Netflix , and he has only one project in his plans - the blockbuster Sirens of Gotham City. having neither a release date nor a start date for filming.

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