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Antoine Fuqua will trade cowboys for gangsters

Image The Magnificent Seven Antoine Fuqua will open the Toronto Film Festival in September, and according to the latest news, the filmmaker is preparing to trade cowboys for gangsters in the near future. The Hollywood Reporter news site reports that Fukua has sat down at the negotiating table with Universal and is set to lead the Scarfaces remake. .

In 1932, the classic gangster film Scarface, directed by Howard Hawks and Richard Rosson, was released, and half a century later, Brian de Palma presented his version of the story, set in sunny Miami. For his role as Tony Montana in the 1983 film, Al Pacino was nominated for a Golden Globe .

Several authors have worked on the script for the upcoming remake. The latest version was written by Jonathan Herman (Voice of the Streets), and before him two different versions of the text were provided to Universal bosses by Paul Attanasio ("Donnie Brasco") and David Eyre ("Suicide Squad").


Future projects of Antoine Fuqua , who became famous after the release of "Training Day", include the biographical drama "The Man Responsible for the Snowball" and the television series "Omerta".

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Author: Jake Pinkman