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The Ancient Monster and Vronsky's Suffering: Watch This Week

Image A lot of action and fun, love dramas and dangerous adventures are expected in our cinemas this coming weekend. Older action stars will fight fantasy monsters and rescue four-legged pets from trouble, the main macho of Hollywood will fight an aggressive tramp, officer Vronsky will rethink his hasty affair with suicide Karenina , and Oscar-winning Australian will talk to the audience about serious topics on behalf of 13 characters at once.

Our distributors make their main bet, of course, on the $ 125 million blockbuster "The Mummy" - the opening film of the so-called Dark Universe of the Universal studio. The main role in the film by Alex Kurtzman went to the indefatigable Tom Cruise, who temporarily postponed the execution of the impossible in order to give battle to the raging monster from the fantasy world.

Recall that the first "Mummy" was released in 1932, and after 67 years, moviegoers were able to see the remake. Both tapes were about archaeologists, while the newest version will focus on a military man named Nick Morton (Cruz) and Dr. Henry Jekyll (Russell Crowe), who specializes in ancient monsters. The main female role is played by Sofia Boutella.

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Kurtzman has previously worked on high-profile projects, on which special hopes were pinned. In particular, he was the screenwriter for Star Trek and Transformers. This time, the filmmaker recruited experienced cinematographer Ben Serezin, who was behind blockbusters such as X-Men: First Class and World War Z. Judging by the trailer, Alex did his best to make the action in Mummy make us and the Universal bosses ignore such nonsense, as plot and acting. According to preliminary forecasts, in the first week of the release in the United States, the film will be able to earn about $ 40 million, and Tom Cruise will undoubtedly help increase the collection of the film abroad.

From passions for a mummy, we move on to passions for a real woman. The domestic film industry will celebrate next week with the drama Anna Karenina. Vronsky's story " . Three decades after the tragic death of his beloved under the wheels of a train, officer Aleksey Kirillovich Vronsky meets her son, Sergei Karenin , at a military hospital. Together, the men are trying to revise the affairs of bygone days and understand whether something could be changed.


The film was directed by Karen Shakhnazarov, and the main roles were shared by Vitaly Kishchenko, Maxim Matveyev and Elizaveta Boyarskaya. Fans of USA TV series have already had the good fortune to get acquainted with The History of Vronsky - it was broadcast in a serial format on the USA-1 channel and became one of the most hotly discussed and controversial television projects of the year. The same fate most likely awaits the film version: on the one hand, it would be interesting to see everything through the eyes of Vronsky , on the other hand, in the series this character turned out to be a completely ordinary suffering man, whose development is not so interesting as behind the restless soul of Anna Karenina in the original novel by Leo Tolstoy and its best adaptations.

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In the meantime, Vronsky is trying to stop the ill-fated steam locomotive at least in their dreams, Bruce Willis and John Goodman are planning an operation to save the dog from evil bandits. Mark and Robb Cullen's directorial debut, the crime comedy His Dog Business , will delight connoisseurs of the genre with jokes about cowards and Google, as well as numerous scenes of ridiculous but spectacular fights and shootings. So far, everything looks like not the best parody of "John Wick". If John Goodman doesn't take matters into his own hands and add a little bit of the charm of The Big Lebowski to this mess, His Dog Business will be another walkthrough project that is all very will quickly be forgotten.

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Meanwhile, Antonio Banderas in the new thriller "Black Butterfly" has more serious problems: his hero, the failed writer Paul , was imposed on his business partners by a suspicious type. The stranger Jack played by Jonathan Reese Myers proposed a new plot for his book, but soon Paul realized that he was dealing with a mentally unstable and very dangerous person. The R-rated film by Brian Goodman was not particularly popular with critics. They noted that from the second half of the timing, the plot twists become more and more implausible, and the finale for the projects of this genre turned out to be completely offensive.

ImageAt the end of the list of premieres, tapes have modestly settled Time of the Dogs Jonathan Mostow, The Manifesto Julian Rosefeldt and The Buck Fred Kawaye. The first is an action-packed thriller in which Sam Worthington plays a mercenary who colludes with his victim. The second is the most noteworthy film installation by the famous German artist, which presents the brilliant Cate Blanchett in thirteen different characters. Each of her characters, be it a teacher or a homeless man, declares the manifestos of the 20th century avant-garde artists. And finally, the third tape is an unpretentious French comedy that pokes fun at human greed.

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