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Welcome to the world of gods and monsters! Mummy Trailer

Image In between impossible missions, Tom Cruise manages to fight enemies from the fantasy world. So, for the studio Universal , the Hollywood actor entered into a battle with an immortal being, and next year the audience will witness how Cruz will save the world from an angry mummy.

Two years ago, the bosses of Universal decided to follow the example of competitors and create their own cinematic universe, which would unite the monsters from the studio's classic films. The construction of this universe fell on the shoulders of Alex Kurtzman ("People like us") - he, in fact, directed the new " Mummy ".

Back in 1932, the first "Mummy" was released, and 67 years later a remake of the picture appeared. In both cases, the center of events turned out to be archaeologists who encountered the ancient Egyptian priest Imhotep . The remake offers the audience a completely different story - the action takes place in our days, and the ancient princess (Sofia Boutella) returns to the world of the living, intending to return what belongs to her by right. The main character of the new version was not an archaeologist, but a military man Nick Morton ( Cruz ).


The trailer for "The Mummies" that has appeared on the Web offers a look at another curious character - Dr. Henry Jekyll , whose role was cast in May by Russell Crowe. And although most are familiar with the sad story of Jekyll and Hyde , Kurtzman 's film portrays this hero somewhat differently - he is part of a secret organization that hunts down monsters like rebel mummy.

Dubbed trailer

The Mummy , whose very plot implies a supernatural theme, is not just an adventure fantasy. Judging by the trailer, the tape promises to give moviegoers a good portion of action, flavored with first-class special effects, and our viewers will be able to see all the action with their own eyes on June 8 next year.

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