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Universal will try to bring the monster universe to life

Image In recent months, rumors have circulated in Hollywood that after a weak performance by "The Mummy", Universal may attempt to reboot the franchise about Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, Wolfman and other famous film monsters. It looks like the Major's management is ready to give their Dark Universe another chance. The publication Deadline shares so far unconfirmed information that the studio bosses have decided to send a remake of the classic horror film "Bride of Frankenstein", which was removed from the shelf last October.

The first attempt to launch a cinematic universe about monsters was made by the management of Universal back in 2014, when the film "Dracula" was released. The fantasy horror game has more than paid off its $ 70 million budget, but received mostly negative press coverage. As a result, the studio chose to disown Dracula and announced that The Mummy would be the first film in the Dark Universe.

The affairs of the "Mummy" were even more sad. Critics did not leave a stone unturned on the action adventure, and its gross in North America amounted to a ridiculous $ 80 million. Viewers from other countries came to the film's rescue. The worldwide gross of $ 409 million covered the production costs of the blockbuster, but Universal was still in the red as it spared no expense for its advertising campaign.


Soon after the end of the rental of "Mummy" on the Web, there was talk that the management of Universal is thinking about another reboot of the franchise. They only intensified when the studio first froze work on Bride of Frankenstein and then released Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan from their positions as curators of the Dark Universe.

According to new information from Hollywood insiders, the studio has revised its strategy for the development of the MCU and is ready to give the monsters another opportunity to win the hearts of viewers. Apparently, the mission to save the franchise will be entrusted to the "Bride of Frankenstein".


The studio bosses have decided to take the project off the shelf and have already begun putting together a film crew for director Bill Condon. Cinematographer Tobias E. Schlissler and production designer Sarah Greenwood, who collaborated with the director on Disney's Beauty and the Beast, are reported to have signed contracts with Universal.

Bride of Frankenstein is expected to make the on-screen debut of the monster Victor Frankenstein, performed by Javier Bardem. Angelina Jolie was actively wooed for the title role in the film, but her participation in the project may be hindered by the fantasy film Maleficent 2, which will begin filming this spring. According to rumors, now the management of Universal intends to invite Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) to the role of Frankenstein's bride.


Universal officials are in no hurry to confirm information about the imminent start of filming. The world premiere of Bride of Frankenstein was originally scheduled for February 14, 2019, but a significant delay in filming is likely to force studio management to change the blockbuster release date.

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