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Bride of Frankenstein wakes up

Image Once the remake of "Bride of Frankenstein" was supposed to become part of the Dark Universe from Universal Studios, but the failure of "The Mummy" made significant adjustments to the major's plans. Now the revival of classic monsters has become a less ambitious business in financial terms. Horror movies like The Invisible Man are held in high esteem by Universal, and there are several such projects in the works. As it turned out, the long-suffering "Bride of Frankenstein" can be added to this list. Recently, journalists spoke with screenwriter David Kepp, and he says that it is not worth giving up on the remake for now.

“During quarantine, I was doing Bride of Frankenstein, and now she is where I always wanted to see her. Universal's management graciously allowed me to try again. They abandoned the Dark Universe idea after the Mummy fiasco. Or rather, not a fiasco, but disappointments. Now I and the studio have a version that we like. I think they are looking for a director now ”, - Kepp admitted.

David also added that there is no talk of a blockbuster with a price tag of $ 150 million and a galaxy of stars. His "Bride of Frankenstein" will be bigger than "The Invisible Man", but will cost the studio an acceptable amount. The action of the film will unfold in our days. Previously, director Bill Condon and actor Javier Bardem were assigned to the project, and Angelina Jolie claimed the title role, but this seems to be in the past.

Source: Collider

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