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The Universal Monster Universe has gone dark

Image In the summer of 2014, the management of the studio Universal announced the start of work on a new cinematic universe, the main characters of which will be Dracula , The Wolfman , Frankenstein , The Invisible Man , The Mummy and other famous screen monsters. Since then, the Hollywood major has managed to assemble a stellar team of writers and create a plan for the development of the franchise for the next few years.

Initially, it was assumed that the starter film of the film series would be the fantasy drama "Dracula", but in the end the studio bosses chose to disown Gary Shore's tape, which received low reviews from critics and performed poorly in the North American box office. The honor to discover the universe of monsters fell to the blockbuster " The Mummy " with Tom Cruise, Sophia Boutella and Russell Crowe in the lead roles.

As it became known to the publication Movieweb , the management of Universal has finally decided to give an official name to their new franchise. The movie series about monsters will henceforth be called Dark Universe .


The studio also chose to remove from the release schedule an unnamed tape about one of the monsters, which was scheduled to premiere in April next year. Now the second film in the franchise promises to be " Bride of Frankenstein ". In mid-April it became known that the director of "Beauty and the Beast" Bill Condon would take the director's chair for the remake of the classic 1935 horror movie. A couple of years ago, Angelina Jolie applied for the title role in " Bride of Frankenstein ", but then the studio bosses were unable to make a deal with the Oscar-winning actress. Insiders still find it difficult to say whether the film company is ready to make a new attempt to sign a contract with Jolie , or whether another candidate will be searched for.


The world premiere of Bride of Frankenstein is set for February 14, 2019. The name of the leading actress in the film Bill Condon may be announced in the very near future, but in the meantime, the leadership of Universal has decided to introduce other stars of the franchise to the public. The studio has released a snapshot of Mummies with Johnny Depp and Javier Bardem . As expected, the first got the role of The Invisible Man , and the second agreed to embody the image of the monstrous creature Victor Frankenstein . It is possible that the debut of Javier in the MCU will take place already in " Bride of Frankenstein ".


USA viewers will get acquainted with the inhabitants of the Dark Universe June 8 , when the movie " The Mummy " will be released on theater screens.

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