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All Shafts Assembly

Image For the first time they started talking about the reboot of " Shaft " back in 2015, but after a long period of silence, and only in January it became known that Tim Storey was appointed director of the project. Now the portal Deadline reports that after several months of searching, New Line has finally found an actor for the main role - played by Jesse Asher , the star of the sequel to "The Day independence. ”

Shaft , released in 1971, became a real hit of its time and even brought composer Isaac Hayes an Oscar for Best Song. Subsequently, Richard Roundtree returned to the role of detective John Schaft in two sequels, a TV series, and a 2000 film that revolved around the nephew of Schaft . And although the tape with Samuel L. Jackson showed excellent results at the box office, critics were not happy with it.

The story of the Shaft family will continue in the reboot - its main character will be the son of John Shaft II played by Asher . Both Jackson and Roundtree have agreed to return to their roles in the project. According to the plot, the hero of Jackson will have to join forces with his son, with whom they have not communicated for a long time. The guy works as an information security expert in the FBI , and his cooperation with his father will result in a confrontation between the old and the new school.


It was originally planned that the reboot of Shaft would be dramatic, but Tim Storey has mostly comedies - the Ride Together franchise, Think Like a Man, yes and the scriptwriter, the New Line bosses have picked the right one. Kenya Burris was nominated for a Emmy for the sitcom Black Comedy, and his latest work in the same genre, Flying Girls, was a huge hit at the North American box office.


Filming for the new "Shaft" is due to start this fall.

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Author: Jake Pinkman