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Ride Together director meets Shaft

Image The reboot of the action movie " Shaft " was announced about two years ago, but since then there has been practically no progress in the work on the project of the studio New Line Cinema . However, now the film has found a director, which means that sooner or later viewers will still see the new version of the 1971 film.

According to the Deadline website, the reboot will be run by Tim Storey , known for the Ride Together franchise, which has brought in considerable profit for Universal . Kenya Burris (Barber Shop 3) and Alex Barnow ( The Goldbergs ) have been working on the script for the new Shaft . Earlier it was also reported that the picture would be more dramatic than comedy.

The details of the reboot plot are kept secret, but there are rumors that the central character of the tape will be the son of John Schaft . So far, an actor for the lead role has not been found, but journalists suggest that Tim Storey will probably want to collaborate with one of the Hollywood stars he knows. If you look at the director's filmography, where, in addition to "Traveling Together" , the "Think Like a Man" franchise and the comedy "Barber Shop" appear, then Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are obvious candidates.


Recall that the original of 1971 told about a private detective from Harlem, who was looking for a missing girl. Nearly 30 years later, a reboot with Samuel L. Jackson in the title role was released. Although the film performed well at the box office, earning $ 107.2 million on a budget of $ 46 million , it received mixed reviews.

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Author: Jake Pinkman