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Casting: Girlfriends for Gambit and Shaft's son

Image Blockbuster "Gambit" has been in development for several years. Channing Tatum signed on for the lead role in the film back in 2015, at the same time the project found a director in the person of Rupert Wyatt. However, he and Doug Lyman, who came to replace him, from "Gambit" eventually refused, the script was sent back for revision. Just last month, a ray of hope dawned on Remy LeBeau when 20th Century Fox brought in Mount Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl) to lead filming.

The major did not stop there and had already picked up a screen partner for Tatum. According to the Variety portal, Lizzie Kaplan ("Illusion of Deception 2") is negotiating with Fox. While the studio has not disclosed what role the actress claims, but earlier Lea Seydoux was going to play in the blockbuster Bella Donna Boudreau. True, since then the script has undergone many changes, and it is unclear whether the beloved Remy LeBeau will be involved in the film at all.

Producer Simon Kienberg previously described Gambit's solo album as a sexy heist thriller, but then again, the concept of the film may have changed since then. Viewers will be able to see the adventures of a mutant adventurer with their own eyes in February 2019. Prior to that, Lizzie Kaplan will appear in the fantasy drama "The Decline of Civilization" and the mini-series "Submarine".


Director Tim Storey (Ride Together) is gearing up for a new film in the Shaft franchise and continues to cast. He has now been joined by Alexandra Shipp (X-Men: Apocalypse), who will accompany Richard Roundtree, Samuel L. Jackson and Jesse Asher.

In the new "Shaft" Asher will play an FBI agent specializing in high-tech crimes and forced to work in tandem with his own father (Jackson), a man of old school.


Patty Jenkins continues to assemble the Wonder Woman crew on the set of One Day She'll Darken. Chris Pine has been co-starring in the TV drama, and will now be joined by Connie Nielsen, who portrays Hippolyta in the DC movie comics.

Jenkins will lead all six episodes of the show, which Sam Sheridan wrote based on the autobiography of Fauna Hodel. Fauna's mother (India Eisley) gave her to a hotel worker in Nevada as a baby. Growing up, the girl began to delve into her own past and found out that she was connected with Dr. George Hodel (Jefferson Maze), who was suspected of the murder of Elizabeth Short. Connie Nielsen got the role of Corinna Hodel - a former party girl and alcoholic with a heap of secrets, who witnessed how her family fell apart and her huge fortune was thrown into the wind.

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