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Shaft's producer promised a dramatic reboot

Image As it became known to the edition Collider , the new film of the rebooted franchise " Shaft ", the rights to which were acquired by the studio New Line , will not be a comedy project, as reported earlier, but rather a drama, in which, however, there will certainly be bright moments. The producer of the movie John Davis spoke about this.

We are updating this story, but we want it to preserve everything that the audience liked, including the character of the main character. We promise to shoot a drama, but funny scenes will also be present in the film, ”he explained.

In this regard, a problem arises: after all, what looked good in the 70s may not please the modern viewer. Davis believes that John Shaft , played by Richard Roundtree in the 1971 film, is the key to the solution: “He is absolutely crazy and truly charismatic. He is one of those guys with a turbulent past who can always fight back and will go to any lengths to do what is right. ”


While the project is at the stage of pre-production, and therefore much can still change in it. When Davis was asked about the age of the new Shaft , he replied that the painting “could be a story of several generations”. The director of the 2000 film, John Signleton, had a similar approach. Then Samuel L. Jackson played the role of the nephew of Shaft . But in this case, another question arises: what will the creators of the project get in the end, a reboot or is it a sequel?


Kenya Burris and Alex Barnow are working on the script for the new Shaft , with a US release scheduled for 2016.

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Author: Jake Pinkman