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Nobody wants to crash in Arkham

Image Although three films in the DC cinematic universe have managed to empty the pockets of viewers by almost $ 2.3 billion , the superhero franchise has earned a not-so-good reputation in Hollywood. The thing is that the management of Warner Bros. has a bad habit of interfering in the work of directors and independently making the final editing of their film comics.

First hit by studio bosses was the blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which received devastating press reviews. Some time after its theatrical release, the director's cut was released, which is a much more complete work. Critics have left no stone unturned from last year's WB film - Suicide Squad. It was rumored that director David Eyre was filming a super villainous action in the dark style of the DC universe, but the studio decided to radically change the vector of the project right in the course of filming.

It is only natural that now many directors prefer to bypass the DC comics. Studio WB already had difficulty finding a Wonder Woman director and lost the Flash's helmsmen twice. Now she can't find a director for the solo album Batman .


It seemed that last April, the WB management made a good move by choosing Ben Affleck to direct the film. However, since that time, the performer of the role of The Dark Knight has managed to face many problems both in his personal life and in his professional career. Ben 's most recent directorial work, the crime drama Law of the Night, was a disastrous flop at the box office. Didn't add positive emotions to the two-time winner of the " Oscar " award and the barrage of criticism that hit " Batman v Superman ".

As a result, Affleck announced that he had decided to step down as the director of the film about Batman . The bad news for the studio did not end there: in recent days, rumor has circulated in Hollywood that Ben no longer wants to play the famous defender of Gotham. The departure of Affleck from the DC MCU could inflict WB an irreparable blow. The details of the actor's agreement with the film company are kept secret, and therefore it is difficult to say for how many films his contract was designed for. Ben made his debut as Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman and will next appear in the first of two announced blockbusters about the League justice.


A week ago it became known that the studio WB offered the post of director " Batman " to Matt Reeves . The director of "Monstro" and "Planet of the Apes: Revolution" has tentatively agreed to lead the blockbuster, but today The Hollywood Reporter unexpectedly announced that his negotiations with the film company ended in failure. Insiders do not exclude that Reeves and the studio bosses will take a break and after a while try to re-establish the dialogue. It is possible that the parties did not agree on the timing of the film. WB would like to launch " Batman " in production in the coming months, but Reeves will be forced to postproduction of the tape "Planet of the Apes: War" until mid-summer. ".<
Rumor has it that at the moment the leadership of WB is also considering the candidacies of the eminent British Ridley Scott and the Uruguayan Federico Alvarez , who has earned a lot of compliments for his work on the horror " Don't breathe. "


In July last year, it was reported that the main action of the solo movie The Dark Knight could unfold in the psychiatric hospital Arkham . A month later it became known that one of the rivals of Batman in the upcoming blockbuster will be Slade Wilson , nicknamed Deathstroke , whose role in the MCU DC received by Joe Manganiello.

The premiere date for " Batman " has yet to be announced.

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