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Superman promises to return

Image Despite the fact that the latest films of the cinematic universe DC are not popular with critics, their financial results are still satisfied with the studio Warner Bros. . So, despite many negative reviews, "Suicide Squad" broke several records at the box office in August, earning $ 135.1 million on its first weekend. However, the management of the major realizes that in the end, low ratings will affect the popularity of their superhero films, and therefore the studio decided to rectify the situation with a new project about Superman . According to the site The Wrap , Warner Bros. is preparing a sequel to the blockbuster " Man of Steel ".

It was with the film of Zach Snyder that the large-scale construction of the MCU DC began. The film showed good results at the box office ( $ 668 million ), which allowed Warner Bros. to count on the continued success of comic book adaptations. However, after the release of the blockbuster "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", called by Snyder as a kind of continuation of "Man of Steel" , the hero's fans accused the director and the studio of misrepresented the story of Superman . These bosses of Warner Bros. are about to be fixed in the upcoming sequel.

Man of Steel is currently MCU's best movie based on RottenTomatoes rating (55% positive reviews). Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad are doing much worse with 27% and 26% respectively.


It is not yet known when the sequel Man of Steel will premiere, but Warner Bros. has two more dates left for superhero blockbusters - October 5, 2018 b>and November 1, 2019 . One of them, presumably, will be taken by the solo album of Batman , and the second may eventually be given to Superman .

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