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Is the DC Universe bursting at the seams?

Image No sooner had fans of the DC cinematic universe come to their senses from yesterday's news of Seth Graham-Smith's departure from the post of director of "The Flash", as rumors appeared on the Internet that Warner Bros. has serious problems working on a number of his other superhero blockbusters.

The start of the cinematic universe DC three years ago was given by the film Zach Snyder "Man of Steel", which not only did not cause much delight among the reviewers, but also failed to meet the financial expectations of its creators. The director got the opportunity to rectify the situation with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but the blockbuster was even more criticized than the Kryptonian solo album. Studio WB provided the project with such a huge budget that even the box office of $ 850 million does not allow many analysts to consider it profitable.

After two successive failures of Snyder , many comic book fans began to sign petitions demanding that he be removed from further work on the franchise, but the leadership of WB did not dare to postpone the shooting of the first part of the Justice League ". Zach started filming the superhero team last month. Now the portal Births.Movies.Death reports that the director is at war with the major bosses, who demand that he make changes to the plot of the " League " and change the vector of development of the whole MCU DC .


" Batman v Superman " was seriously hit by critics for being too pathos and gloomy, which is why a month ago it was reported that WB urgently decided to add humor to their supervillain blockbuster Suicide Squad.

Indirect evidence of a conflict between Snyder and the leadership of WB are also rumors about the upcoming solo album of Batman . In late March, Ben Affleck admitted that he is working on the script for the film with DC Comics Creative Director Jeff Jones. Reportedly, the film company may give the duo full control over the Dark Knight movie. In this case, Affleck and Jones will not be able to interfere with Snyder nor other producers in the franchise.


Warner Bros. is also having problems with Aquaman . Rumor has it that the director James Wan and the bosses of the Hollywood major cannot agree on the plot and tone of the tape about the King of the Seven Seas , which made the director seriously think about it. whether he should add such a risky project to his filmography. It seems that the studio's management is redrawing the MCU construction plan on the fly. Wang could be the third director the franchise will lose: before Graham-Smith left The Flash , creative differences with producers forced Michelle McLaren to leave Wonder Woman.

Right now, WB is in desperate need of a project that gets public approval in preproduction. The attraction of an eminent director like George Miller to the cinematic universe could restore audience confidence. Last summer we wrote that the creator of "Mad Max" could start staging one of the films based on the comics DC . According to new information, the studio bosses are offering him to lead work on " Green Lantern Corps ".


The further future of the DC universe largely depends on the success of the film "Suicide Squad", with the heroes of which USA viewers will get acquainted on August 4 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman