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Batman vs. Superman Again

Image The blockbuster "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" can be called one of the main disappointments of recent years, because the film by Zach Snyder did not live up to expectations. The movie comic grossed $ 875 million at the box office, although the producers were counting on a billion, and caused mixed feelings among critics and audiences. Now the Warner Bros. It is trying with all its might to forget about the Snyder era and leads the DC universe in a different direction, but something remains unchanged: the studio wants to see a worthy confrontation between Batman and Superman.

According to rumors, the major sincerely hopes that the new Batman, played by Robert Pattinson, will eventually fit into the general DC cinematic universe. So far, however, the director of the solo album about the Dark Knight Matt Reeves opposes this in every possible way and does not get tired of repeating in interviews that his film has nothing to do with the WB comic franchise.

The studio itself plans to press the "Reload" button thanks to "Flash", finally say goodbye to Henry Cavill and find a new Superman, who will just have to fight Batman in a new version of the confrontation between two popular heroes.


Insiders do not have the details of this large-scale event, and the WB management is still unlikely to imagine how to make such a castling. To complicate matters, Snyder and his vision of the DC universe still have a lot of fans clamoring for the director's cut of Justice League, so convincing them to accept the new Batman and Superman won't be easy.

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