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Is DC looking for star directors?

Image Warner Bros. Studios' relationship with the directors of the films of the DC cinematic universe is not going well yet. First, the major cut out a lot of important scenes from "Batman v Superman" by Zach Snyder, and then began to actively interfere with David Eyre's work on "Suicide Squad". After that, there were even rumors in Hollywood that eminent directors began to bypass superhero film projects WB .

It is possible that with the introduction of the position of curator of the DC universe, the studio will finally become a more pleasant place to work. Hope for a change for the better is given by the leak of information from the WB camp, which appeared on the site 4chan . It is worth noting that users of this popular imageboard remain anonymous, and therefore it is worth treating information about the company's plans with a fair amount of skepticism.

Last week it became known that the leadership of WB has decided to launch a sequel to "Man of Steel". According to rumors, the main candidates for the director's chair for the new film about Superman are Doug Lyman (Edge of Tomorrow), Edgar Wright (Kind of cool cops ") And JJ Abrams (Star Wars: The Force Awakens). Curiously, the latter wrote the script for the film Superman: Flyby a few years ago, in which the current performer of the role of Clark Kent , Henry Cavill, auditioned for the main role. Ultimately, however, WB chose to launch Superman Returns by Brian Singer.


The shortlist for the post of Shazam director is headed by Sam Raimi (Spider-Man) and Sean Levy (Real Steel), while Green Corps Lanterns "offer to do Alfonso Cuaron (" Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban "). Despite controversy over the editing of Suicide Squad , the studio wants to continue its collaboration with David Eyre on a sequel to the super-villainous blockbuster. The WB Plans Report also contains information that the creation of the second part of the Justice League may be entrusted to Patty Jenkins , who is currently preparing for the release of Wonder Woman.


Rumors have also flared up online that WB is looking to strike a deal with George Miller . Previously, the creator of "Mad Max" was wooed to the post of director of " Man of Steel 2 ", and now insiders are reporting that he may lead work on the tape " New Gods " which has not yet been officially announced by the studio. As with Abrams , Miller could have a second chance to show his talent within the DC universe: in 2009 George b>was ready to start filming the blockbuster Justice League: Mortal , but his plans were confused by a strike of Hollywood writers.


Warner Bros. Officials have not yet commented on this information.

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