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Suicide Corporation

Image Although the blockbuster " Suicide Squad " is just beginning its journey on the big screens, the super-villainous movie comic strip has already managed to fall into the center of a huge scandal. After the film by David Eyre received a barrage of criticism from the press, fans of the DC cinematic universe decided to organize a petition demanding the closure of the famous review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes .

To date, " Suicide Squad " has already been evaluated by more than a hundred reputable journalists, of which only 31 percent gave the tape a positive assessment. Some DC fans tend to see this as a global conspiracy, as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice scored an even more humiliating 27% on RT earlier this year. However, the true enemy of the DC universe is not film critics at all, but the leadership of Warner Bros.

The massive collapse of the expensive Fantastic Four seemed to be an excellent lesson for all Hollywood bosses. Then the bosses of the studio 20th Century Fox redrew the script of the picture right in the course of filming, and the producers constantly interfered with the work of Joshua Trank. As a result, a significant part of the tape was re-shot, and the director was not even allowed to the final cut. The day before the premiere, Trunk disowned the film: “A year ago, I had a terrific version of ' Fantastic Four ' that critics would have greeted with delight. But the audience is unlikely to ever see her”. Judging by the journalistic investigation of the publication The Hollywood Reporter , now the director of " Suicide Squad " may well say the same words.<

According to insiders, the bosses of WB have repeated almost all mistakes of the studio Fox . In October 2014, the major announced that he intends to release ten superhero action movies at once by 2021. At the same time, the DC cinematic universe at that moment did not even have a curator who could coordinate work on individual projects. Production of Suicide Squad was in such a rush that Eyru was given only six weeks to script the film. It seems that it was the strict deadline requirements that caused WB to lose directors of its comic strips several times in recent years. Now the studio has to rely on directors who have no experience in filming high-budget films, because filmmakers with big names do not want to risk their reputation and do not agree to work in such a time trouble.


The Suicide Squad faced even more problems after critics began to smash " Batman v Superman ". WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara considered the situation a serious blow to the brand's reputation, as Zack Snyder's film not only received low ratings, but also failed to meet the financial expectations of the studio, which hoped to earn at the box office at least $ 1 billion . The highest ranks of the major decided to listen to critics and change the vector of development of the " Suicide Squad ". Apparently, initially the picture Ayr looked like the first two films of the MCU DC , but then the studio bosses wanted to dilute its dark tone and reorient to the rating PG-13 .

Ultimately, it ended up with Eyre editing one version of the film and the studio doing a completely different one. Both versions were later shown to a test audience in North Carolina. The director's version was not well received, as a result of which David had to make concessions and agree to defuse the gloomy atmosphere of Suicide Squad . At one time, many fans of DC took the news of the expensive filming of the film as an April Fools' rally, but now insiders once again confirm that they were organized to add more positives and jokes to the feed. At that time, Eyre himself had to say that this stage of work was planned by the film company in advance. Although John Gilroy is listed as the film's editor, THR reporters claim that WB has been shuffling scene layout experts all along.


Now the studio runs the risk of paying for its lack of confidence in the original vision of the project Air , because low ratings from critics may well affect the endurance of the tape at the box office. Analysts believe the Suicide Squad's production budget was at least $ 175 million . Considering the fact that the film had a very expensive advertising campaign, just to reach the level of self-sufficiency, it may need to collect about $ 750 million at the worldwide box office. If Squad doesn't make it to that amount, Wonder Woman will be responsible for saving the drowning franchise.


Viewers can only hope that the leadership of WB will not actively interfere with the work of their new department - DC Films . Two and a half months ago, the studio finally decided to introduce the position of curator of the MCU DC . It was the creative director of DC Comics Jeff Jones, with whose support the television department of the Hollywood major created such successful superhero series as Arrow , Legends of Tomorrow ( DC's Legends of Tomorrow ), Supergirl , The Flash and Gotham ( Gotham ).

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