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Why are you so serious?

Image Although the blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a successful hit at the box office, Warner Bros. continues to respond quickly to criticism of the second film in the DC cinematic universe. A few days ago, director James Wan assured viewers that his Aquaman would be more fun than the film about the confrontation between Son of Krypton and Gotham's Bat , and now the portal Birthmoviesdeath announces the filming of the film " Suicide Squad ".

In January, WB released the second trailer for " Suicide Squad ", which was warmly received by the public. To the song " Bohemian Rhapsody " famous villains DC managed to compete in both weapon skills and wit. According to insiders, the problem lies in the fact that almost all the jokes from the film were used in the two-minute clip, but otherwise the corporate atmosphere of the movie comics studio Warner Bros reigns in it.


Since critics have accused the first two films of the DC universe of being too dark, WB cannot simply dismiss the opinion of the press. Zack Snyder's low scores risk affecting not only the endurance of " Batman v Superman " at the box office, but also the prospects for other superhero projects in the studio. Rumor has it that company bosses are willing to spend tens of millions of dollars on emergency filming of Suicide Squad to try to defuse the gloomy atmosphere of David Ayer's film.


WB officials are in no hurry to confirm this information.

The USA release of " Suicide Squad " will be released on August 4 .

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