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Is WB preparing surprises for Comic-Con?

Image San Diego will host the world's most famous contemporary pop culture festival next month. Every year, tens of thousands of comic, science fiction and fantasy fans from all over the world visit the Comic-Con convention. Of particular interest to the visitors of the exhibition are meetings with film and television stars, as well as presentations of new series and Hollywood blockbusters.

The Wrap shares rumors that Comic-Con will be headlined by Warner Bros. this year to delight audiences some interesting news about the DC cinematic universe. Even last year, it seemed that the Hollywood major would not be able to get his superhero franchise back on track anytime soon. First, critics smashed the blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and then they left no stone unturned for Suicide Squad. The creative director of the publishing house DC Comics Jeff Jones, with whose support the studio had previously managed to build a successful television universe, was urgently brought in to work on the film series.

With the introduction of the position of curator of the MCU, the affairs of the superhero franchise went on the mend. Blockbuster Wonder Woman has received excellent press coverage and excellent performance at the box office worldwide. Already in November this year, WB will try to consolidate its success with the help of the Justice League tape.


There are over ten films in development at Warner Bros. based on the graphic novels DC , but only one of them is scheduled for release next year. We are talking about Aquaman's solo album, the USA premiere of which will take place on December 20, 2018. The movie about King of the Underwater Kingdom could have been accompanied by Batman and The Flash, but both of these projects are delayed on the way due to problems with the directors. It is possible that the studio will decide to speed up work on some of its blockbusters so that " Aquaman " is not its only movie comic next year. In this case, the official announcement of the new film of the DC universe may take place at the convention Comic-Con .


According to the journalists of The Wrap , the studio Warner Bros. is able to start producing three or four films about superheroes a year in the next couple of years. It is possible that the company is using the Comic-Con festival this summer to unveil its long-awaited release schedule for its movie comics. To date, in addition to " Justice League " and " Aquaman ", the premiere dates have only three tapes of the DC universe - "Shazam", "Cyborg "And" Green Lantern Corps ".

Movies about Batman , Nightwing, Batgirl, Sirens of Gotham City, Black Adam, Dark Justice League and The Flash , as well as sequels to Man of Steel, Squad Suicides ”,“ Wonder Women ”and“ Justice League ”have not yet been included in the WB release schedule.


Fans of comics can only hope that the Comic-Con festival will indeed bring some interesting news about the DC cinematic universe. One of the most high-profile events in the world of the modern entertainment industry will take place in San Diego from July 20 to 23.

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