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MGM will host spy games

Image After last year's Night Administrator miniseries won three Golden Globes and two Emmy , television personalities have taken a huge interest in spy stories. Deadline reports that the television department of the studio MGM snatched from the hands of competitors the rights to film the bestselling series of Daniel Silva about the super agent Gabriel Allone .

The book cycle was launched in 2000 by the novel “ The Master of Assassinations ”, from which readers learned that Allon was an Israeli intelligence officer who participated in the famous operation to find the perpetrators and organizers of the terrorist attack on Munich Olympics 1972. After finding and eliminating Palestinian terrorists, the spy retired, moved to England and began to restore valuable works of art. Once his quiet and measured life was interrupted by the appearance of the head of the Mossad , who needed help in catching the elusive criminal ...

To date, Silva has already written 16 books about the adventures of an Israeli spy. Half of them managed to make their debut in the New York Times bestseller ranking from the first line.


Gabriel Allone will be produced by Silva and his wife Jamie Gangel, while Steve Stark (“The Event”) will curate the project.

MGM Television already has a wealth of experience working on serial dramas. At the moment, the television department of one of the oldest Hollywood studios is involved in the creation of such popular series as Vikings, The Handmaid's Tale and Fargo.

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Author: Jake Pinkman