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The Dangerous Truth

Image The success of the Barygi series has sparked a wave of interest in the stories of drug cartels. Producer Bernard Kira and director Batan Silva (Mayans) have decided to keep up with the creators of the Netflix hit and have acquired the film rights to Alfredo Corchado's bestseller Midnight in Mexico.

The biographical novel of the head of the Mexican department of The Dallas Morning News tells how he released a series of investigative journalism about corruption in the Mexican government, the rampant crime in Ciudad Juarez and the rise of drug lords. One day Alfredo learned that an attempt was being prepared on his life. The reporter had only 24 hours to figure out exactly where the threat came from ...

The novel was published in 2013. Five years later, Time published Corchado's book among the best biographical thrillers of all time.


Kira and Silva have not yet decided on the format of the film adaptation, but have already started looking for a screenwriter.

Source: Deadline

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